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Levels and Branches of Government

Our Federal government is informed by our State Government, which is informed ultimately by our Local Government. If you want change to happen, get involved locally first. 

True Change Starts Here.

Federal Government

State Government

Informs & Changes

Informs & Changes

Local Government

Local Government

Our Local Government of Springfield Illinois impacts our day-to-day lives with legislation and public services. It is our job to know what is going on at the local level to ensure our freedoms and rights are not encroached on.


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County Sheriff
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Chief of police
Heading 6
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County Board Members
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City Council/ Aldermen
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Circuit Judges
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John Madonia
Presiding Circuit
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Associate Judges
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City Mayor
City Mayor
Jim Langfelder
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The Executive branch is charged with the execution and enforcement of laws and policies and the administration of public affairs.


The Legislative branch has the power to make and review laws and regulations.

It is the right of the citizens to ensure hold legislators accountable.


The Judicial branch charged with the interpretation of laws and the administration of justice. 


What you can do:
About Your Officials
Sprigfield Mayor


Jim Langfelder

Elected: April 2, 2019

Term Ends: April 2023

Political Party: Democrat

Branch of Government: Executive

Oversees various city departments, such as: CWLP, Fire Department, HR, Libraries, Cemeteries, Police Departments, Public works and more.

Jurisdiction over Wards in Springfield

Elected: Various

Term Ends: April 2023

Political Party: Various

Branch of Government: Legislative

Represents the citizens of their particular Ward a. Works closely with the Mayor to make policy changes, approve budgets, mandates and other items. Learn more about Aldermen:

Spingfield Police

Chief of Police: Kenny Winslow


Term Ends

Political Party: 

While Governors cannot fire Mayors, they do have influence over them and their legislative decisions. The Governor is the state's highest ranking elected official. He serves as the state's chief executive officer and oversees the functions of the executive branch of government.

Sangamon County Law Enforcement

Sangamon County
Law Enforcement

Sangamon County Sheriff: Jack Cambell


Term Ends

Political Party: 

Sangamon County is a broader part of the local government comprise of both the legislative and executive branch. Its jurisdiction includes and exceeds the limits of the City of Springfield. 

Honorable John Madonia

Chief Judge of the 7th Circuit: Honorable John Madonia

The Judicial Branch of local government is comprised of Circuit Judges and Associate Judges. One of the Circuit Judges is selected by all of the judges to guide the rest of them. 

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