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Resources & Illinois Constitution

Here you can find some helpful tools to making sure your vote and voice are heard by your Aldermen and representatives. 

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Illinois State Constitution

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United States Constitution

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Example Letters

Example Letters to your representative

United States Constitution

Resources & Illinois Constitution


Good afternoon _________(Name),


I hope this note finds you well. Firstly, thank you for service the good of our country by holding office and more specifically helping lead our city and community. It’s because of men like you that we are able to live full and free lives here is Springfield!


The reason I am writing to you is about the vaccine mandate. Likely, you have already received a good deal of responses from your constituents about this. As you know, the American people are not children. The decisions we make about our health and wellbeing should not be dictated to us by those who hold office, and this vaccine mandate by our president is a shameless, un-American and unconstitutional grab for power over the health care decisions of individuals and their families.


The vaccine can be made available to those who wish to take it, but it should never be coerced, forced or manipulated on anyone. Most vaccines have been tested for years before they are administered to the public. This one has not been in production for more than a year. Saying nothing of the possible moral reservations people may have, the medical concerns and side affects and unknowns alone warrant great pause for consideration of the risks when receiving this drug. Despite this, even if this were a perfect drug with no side affects, it is wrong to have it mandated on anyone.


I am asking you as one of your constituents and as a fellow American to please do what you can to stop this absurd mandated vaccine policy from becoming a standard in our beloved city. We are Americans. And Americans have the right and freedom to make their own choices regarding their health. They and their physicians know their health best, not our legislators. Please respect our vote for you and continue to keep our land free.


Thank you for your time and again, thank you for your service.



Your Name

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